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Distance of 3 km. Starting from the district of Altamira, we go towards the valley of Apraiz crossing the Mape River at the abandoned quarry of Altamira. We take the local road which brings us to the Valley of Apraiz. Agriculture has been a practice in this valley since very early times, benefiting from the fertile valley floor and the baserri, the Basque farmhouse, is an integral part of that tradition and economic model.

As we go into the valley we can see extensive meadows and a large wooded area, the Cantabrian Holm Oak wood. This wood covers the whole Karst system responsible, to a large extent, for the shape of the valley. Both the valley of Apraiz and that of Malluku, in spite of being perfect river basins, have no surface rivers. Rather, their porous substrata are full of fissures and drainage channels through which the rainwater filters, forming large aquifers, resulting in subterranean river courses that, in this case, come to the surface in Axpe and especially around the bridge to Txatxarramendi Island.

When we reach Goikoetxea House, we take a track which branches off to the right which brings us, through a eucalyptus plantation, to the valley of Malluku, after passing over a small hill. Once we are in the valley, we will discover the mysterious ruins of several abandoned farmhouses situated in what was, not many years ago, a family farm. In the inside of the valley, far from the hustle and bustle of civilisation, we can hear the sounds of the forest and see the occasional squirrel scurrying about among the centennial oaks. Continuing along the path, we come to a small turning to one of the mysterious drainage channels where the little irrigation canals of the wood disappear underground. When we get to the top of the next hill, we will have reached the border of the Holm Oak wood with the forest plantations. Here we can take the path that leads to the hill of San Martin Basoa, from where we can either return, or follow the track to the Peña Forua Quarry, and finish the walk in the Urberuaga district of the municipality of Forua.

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