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Madariaga Tower 

This unique building is situated in a geo-strategic vantage point  from where the whole Urdaibai Riverbed can be seen. This fortress, the so-called Tower House, was constructed in the 15th century, as a military house of defense during the local Wars of the Bands that swept the Basque region of the late mediaeval period.

An adjoining mansion was built in the 17th century to make room for residential areas. As the years went by, the Tower-house fortress was integrated into the agricultural activity of the area. The rooms were expanded to house the families who took care of the five hectares of land surrounding the building.

The Clock Tower was built in 1851 by man from neighboring San Bartolome, with the intention of ceding it to the town of Busturia. In recent times, the Madariaga Tower was restored to house the Euskadi Biodiversity Centre – Madariaga Dorretxea.

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