What to visit


The San Mames Hermitage and others are located in Kantale, in the district of Axpe, near Matategi House and the Itsas Begi – Busturia train station. As with the other hermitages in Busturia, the San Mames Hermitage already existed prior to the 17th century. Processions to the hermitage were held annually, in compliance with an agreement between the ecclesiastic chapter and the Town Hall of 1755.

However, it can be surmised that there probably had not been any masses celebrated for some time by the 1790s, as the hermitage was found to be in a deplorable state, displaying an obvious lack of maintenance according to the recorded official visit in 1793. As a result, it was deemed unfit for religious acts by order of the Dioceses’ prelate, Don Francisco Mateo AGUIRIANO and was soon demolished after the visit.

The record of this same visit indicates that in 1793 there were three hermitages, which, although under the jurisdiction of Murueta, belonged to the Santa Maria de Axpe Parish: San Martin, Our Lady of Murueta and Our Lady of the Remedies. In this official record, the hermitage was dedicated to Our Lady of the Nativity and San Martin. Today not one of them remains standing.